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For the past eight years, I've been writing about City Driving for Ten-Four Magazine. Plus, I've been a trucker for over twenty years, while living and working (mostly) in Chicago. In all my years of trucking and writing, I have attended at least three dozen orientations at some of the top trucking companies in the Country. I have seen how the best do it, and I can honestly tell you that not one of them covers City Driving, at all. What's worse, City Driving is probably the most difficult aspect of trucking. See more about the solution at the bottom of this page.

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A true story from an ex-ambulance Chaser!

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If you liked Taxi Driver and Death Wish, you'll love Killer Killer by Ken Skaggs. Read the whole book online free.

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If you are going to drive in heavy traffic, you will need the Bottleneck Users Guide.

What is it that you can't see and most drivers don't even think it's all that dangerous? Wind.Brush-up on your skills. Take the free CDL Test.

Whenever a driver finds out that I have worked for over 100 companies, they always ask which one was the Best Job I ever had.

Some amazing but true tales of the Tailgater.

I was lucky. When I first started driving, i had a friend named Joel.Many 'ol timers remember the Good Old Days.

Here, we don't just complain about traffic. We have the Solution.

Our most popular newsletter ever- It's up to us!

About the Author.How many times have you heard the one about the truck that got attacked by the Moose?

Why not invite Ken Skaggs to speak at your trucking company or school? Email.

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Truck Driver Education Source

Big City Driver is dedicated to trucking safety. Webmaster and founder Ken Skaggs has dozens of articles that promote Trucking Safety and Safe City Driving from a drivers perspective, but professional enough for Trucking Company Safety Departments. Here at Big City Driver you will find true stories and serious driver education lessons, like Tales of the Tailgater, Wind, the Silent Killer, Preventing Preventable accidents and Holidays and accidents. You will also find funny and entertaining stories, like Chickenhauler School, Monkeys can Drive and Driver Cuss-Out.There are lots of anecdotal, true stories and inspirational stories and articles.

In this line of work, it's easy to get depressed, gain weight, and lose touch with reality because of the long periods of time gone from home that many drivers experience, not to mention the aggravation of New York City, other big city dangers and aggressive drivers. It's important for todays professional drivers to be smart enough to learn how to stay calm under pressure and keep their sense of humor, which is not easy, and, try to look at daily driving hazzards scientifically instead of emotionally, and learn to relax and entertain themselves.

Many experienced truck drivers love to talk about the good ol' days, of course I am no exception. Because of all the trash-talk on the CB lately, some will argue that there was a time when drivers had class, but in my twenty-five years of trucking, I found that they still do, and even more now than ever. I think it's an age thing, or, just common sense.

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9. Teach Others
10. Make Sure an Accident is Never Your Fault

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"I like these ideas and will use some of them in my Aggressive Driving Campaign"
-Jesse White, Secretary of State of Illinois.

"I ran across your site by chance and was intrigued."
-Skyline Recovery Systems.

"I think you are a very smart man and I agree with all you write about."
-Jenni Sasso, Path Truck Lines.

"I came across your website and I love it. I hope you don't mind if I quote your stuff."
-Peter Carter, Today's Trucking (Canada's Largest Truck-Fleet Magazine).

"If everyone drove like this, there would never be another traffic jam or road rage story to tell,
or even an accident!" -Ken Skaggs

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