Gravel Pit Etiquette- How to Drive with Class!

If you ever get to see gravel trucks or heavy-haul trucks going in and out of a gravel pit, you will see poetry in motion. The same is usually true at truck stops too. These drivers understand each other- They know just how to give each other enough room. And there is never any road rage or traffic jams, even when there is not that much room.

That's because they always let each other go first. Courtesy is cool. They blink their lights at each other to signal "go ahead". And the other one will blink back "thank you". It's sweet. That's because they are all professional drivers, and these are the unwritten rules of Gravel Pit Etiquette:

1) Never stir up dust. Go slow on gravel or dirt, especially when there are people around. Breathing dust sucks, and nobody knows that better than construction workers.

2) Go slow through construction zones, to encourage others to be careful too. (Set an example.)

3) No passing. Pick a lane and stay in it. Take the good with the bad.

4) Keep a safe following distance- Enough room, so that a truck can cut in front of you without slowing you down.

5) Nobody ever gets in the way of someone trying to park or exit a difficult spot or blind intersection. If you see someones hood coming out from behind a van and you know that they cannot see you, then you should stop and let them go. If you can't see the driver, then she can't see you.

6) When turning onto a side road, and someone is waiting to exit that side road, you should let them go first. You don't have to stop, to let them go. All you have to do is put your signal on early, and slow down enough to make it obvious to the other driver that he has time.

7) Never stay next to another vehicle when there are multiple lanes. This way, anyone can switch lanes at any time. And two lanes can merge into one lane without slowing anyone down.

8) Don't make any sudden moves. Be predictable.

9) Always use your turn signals every time you change lanes. Make a habit of it. (When ever I see someone not use their signal, it makes me wonder if they are too lazy to lift a finger, literally).

10) When you switch lanes, do it slow enough to allow the car or truck in front of you a chance to switch lanes too.

The above items are a sign of class- Proper etiquette for todays professional driver. Be one of the true good guys in the world- And my hero.
Performing the opposite of the above is a sign of no class.

C2000 Ken Skaggs. Google-Plus

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How to Drive with Class

If you ever get to watch trucks going in and out of a gravel pit, pay attention. There would never be a traffic jam if people knew Gravel Piut Etiquette.

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