Ken Skaggs
Ken Skaggs Kenneth E. Skaggs has been a trucker for over twenty years. Living and working in Chicago most of those years, he was always frustrated with all of the traffic and the crazy drivers. In 2000, he wrote the Chicago Driver, a booklet about how to drive in the big city, hoping to educate people on how to prevent traffic jams rather than cause them. He sent a copy by email to Jesse White, Secretary of State of Illinois, who said he "liked the ideas and would use some of them in his Aggressive Driving Campaign." Ken tried to get it published, and wound up landing a gig as a columnist for Ten-Four Magazine. There, he published parts of many chapters as articles, along with many more ideas about city driving and trucking in general.
After six years, he continues to write for Ten-Four Magazine. He has had to do a lot of research for many of those articles and has really honed his writing skill and his knowledge of city driving. His by-line at Ten-Four was always "Author, Educator and Big City Driver", since he has always been a teacher at heart. And his website, has many of his articles from the Chicago Driver and Ten-Four Magazine. You can also find over fifty of his articles at their website, here. His latest venture is his own magazine, Big City Driver, which concentrates on trucking in Chicago and suburbs. He can often be heard on the radio, talking about what causes traffic jams and ways to alleviate them. These Ten Keys for Safe City Driving are sure to be a hit with all of the publicity he gets, along with his willingness to speak at trucking companies and truck driving schools. We can only hope everyone reads it, so that it will have the intended impact and teach drivers how to Prevent Traffic Jams. Ken is available for speaking engagements, so if you have a trucking company or driving school, please email him here.